Introducing Our Artist

By the Editor

This site has received some very nice compliments and comments since its introduction on August 2, 2011. Some  include questions about our header graphics and contributors’ caricatures.

The secret is out: They are the work of Mike Patrick, a very talented young artist located near my home base in north central Oregon.

Based in Portland, Mike is a twenty-something artist-cartoonist involved in several media projects. He specializes in animation, film, and caricatures, and is the creator of “Fun Sized” – a daily Internet-based cartoon about kids, parenting, and relationships. He also produces artwork and multimedia for several other sites in addition to Inside the Watchtower.

Mike is not a Jehovah’s Witness and never has been, but has known a few personally. Working along with me on this website, he understands its purpose and theme. However, he is not a warrior for the cause, only a non-combatant contractor.

He cautiously admits that he grew up and graduated from high school in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and studied graphic design in Portland. Being a native Oregonian, Mike naturally enjoys the outdoors by both foot and bike, often overindulging in the lush local cuisine, and drinking espresso like it’s tap water. In addition to managing his time to churn out a daily comic, he also takes care of two beautiful daughters along with his lovely wife.

Michael enjoys writing in the third person, and is working on a children’s book and several short films. Check out this sample from one of his media projects:

To see more of Mike’s work, I suggest you visit his websites at and for samples of past and more recent projects from his portfolio.

Mike is open to business inquiries, questions, and even insults – should you feel the need. Contact him at:

Editor’s Note: Not all of the graphics on this site are the product of Mike Patrick – only the good ones. For all of my websites I use a fair amount of public domain graphics and photos. I frequently have to fire up Photoshop to adapt some art and photography myself for unique illustrations. In spite of whatever talents I might have, I can assure you that there was a very good reason that I asked Mike to help me out in an effort to make this site truly different in look, and mood, from others focused on JW subject matters. Feel free to contact him if you are in need of support for any art, media, or book illustration project.


Introducing Our Artist — 4 Comments

    • Actually Nancy, the term I used to describe Mike was “only a non-combatant contractor.” I know he is easy to work with and flexible on deadlines, but I don’t know how he would act if we ever had a serious disagreement. I’m sure he could stand up to anyone, if the need should arise. Maybe you know him personally and see another side of him, but from where I sit, I couldn’t ask for a more flexible associate.

  1. Hi Editor. I mean isn’t religion fighting?
    It is refreshing to hear there are those who will not
    fight. (Non-combative). Religious people shouldn’t fight. I think religious
    people should be too busy overturning strongly entrenched things.
    That takes “muscles” not “missiles”. Do you not see the missiles
    flying like I see them? I see people professing Jesus Christ as meaner than
    anyone I have ever met. Some have even intimated that I should not exist
    in their world. I’m not a bad person.

    • Nancy,
      Once again I’d like to point out that Mike (our artist) is a “non-combatant” in the sense that he is not, and never was a Jehovah’s Witness. I think you are confusing that term with “non-combative,” which has an entirely different meaning and does not fit within the context of what I was trying to say. I am against “combative” approaches to dealing with the Watchtower. Let’s just tell the truth and let the bodies fall where they may.

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