Growing Up a Jehovah’s Witness

Editor’s Note: You met former Jehovah’s Witness Paul Grundy in an earlier article. For this video, Paul is assisted in the narration by “Lance,” another former JW (also known as “ExGileadMissionary”). As is typical of Paul’s work, he is dead-on with his facts, presenting them in a very straightforward and enlightening manner. Feel free to share this video with anyone who wants to know what it is like “growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness.”

Although Paul is from Australia (you’ll know which voice is Paul’s by his pronounced “down-under” accent), his description of growing up during that fifty year time span describes exactly what life was like for most young JWs during that time period. Unfortunately, life as a Jehovah’s Witness really hasn’t changed much from that of the second half of the 20th Century. The question that no one seems to ask is “How much longer will this go on before someone in power within the Watchtower organization makes a significant change in the way many children (and women) are treated within the religion?”

Growing up a Jehovah’s Witness 1960-2010

Paul Grundy, editor and webmaster of, is a frequent contributor to other JW discussion websites. He has a well-earned reputation for the accuracy of his documentation and as a moderate and reasoned critic of the Watchtower.


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  1. Hello,
    I had happened to stumble upon your website, I am also a former Jehovah’s Witness who was disfellowshipped. I was 15 at the time when ans “elder” who I and many others looked up to had touched myself and my good friend in an inappropriate manner. We were scared didn’t know how to react to such actions (being a virgin and young). He proceeded to tell us that you shouldn’t let your daddy touch you that way, I remember thinking oh my goodness we did something wrong and feeling so scared. Many families as I stated earlier had really looked up to this elder and us girls who’s fathers had died while we were young, he took under his & his wife’s wings. It really came to a shock to us that he would even think of doing such a thing and then make us feel like we were to blame. So, my friend and I were called into a judicial meeting with 3 elders. They decided to speak with us seperately so they told my friend to take a seat outside of the room. I didn’t know what to expect and remember feeling like a sitting duck in the presence of waterfowl hunters. They proceeded to ask me about the situation at hand and wanted my side of the story after they had informed me that the guilty elder had them convinced that we wanted him to touch us!! I was in absolute shock, then i told them exactly the way it had happened and where and then they started asking me questions that were really making me feel very uncomfortable. Like, well did you like the feeling of him touching you, was there any vaginal penetration with his penis etc. All I remember was feeling violated and disgusted by what and the way they were asking mr the questions. I felt so alone and scared and in the end they disfellowshipped both my friend and I. We were devistated!! Then we found that the guilty elder was still an elder and wasn’t labeled due to this matter. So many people in the hall treated us horribly, until he did the same thing to 1 other girl but got daring and went further and then 2 more others after that. I left the religion or cult shortly after everything was said and done. I have never shared my story with another ex witness accept close friends of course. It still bothers me to a point that even though he was disfellowshipped for a few months the elders never thought of putting him on the sex offender’s list. I had confronted one of the elders on my committe and he stated that back then when it had happened there was no such listand that there was no need to do such a thing due to the fact that the situation was taken care of through the society of Jehovah’s witnesses and the elders themselves. If you read this post I want to thatnk you for taking the time and also i’m sorry for what had happened to you. In my heart and soul I feel that I have grown and brcame a better person and I’m sure you have to and seeing things for what they are with eye’s wide open.

    Thank you again,
    Laura Dushay

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