Stephen Lett: Being Dumped from the Governing Body?

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is made up of seven members. An eighth, Guy Pierce, died in 2014 and has not been replaced as of March, 2015. One of the more prominent men of the current body is Stephen Lett, 65, a member since 1999. Since 2009, the¬†Watchtower has assigned all “spiritual responsibilities” and any clarification on doctrinal issues to the Governing Body. In 2012, the Governing Body was identified as the “faithful and discreet slave” that reports directly to Jehovah for spiritual matters. While this change offended many of the other members of the “anointed” class (then numbering around 10,000), the “new light” was soon accepted by a majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has become the current belief and policy that the dissemination of “new spiritual light” is the responsibility of only “a limited number” of the “slave class.” Some Jehovah’s Witnesses are wondering if these seven men … Continue reading

My first visit to a Kingdom Hall

I went to my first Kingdom Hall meeting last week and I want to write some of my thoughts about how a meeting is for an “outsider” like me.

My first impression was that everything at the Hall was very well-kept and tidy. There was even a small garden made up of flowering bushes and decorative rocks. I doubt that I could have found a single stain on anything inside the Hall.

The conductor never strayed from that formula throughout the meeting. I learned later that this is how these meetings are run. On the other hand, he did manage to sneak in a joke or two. However, his management of the subject article was done with a greater focus than I’d ever seen in a class at college. What struck me half way through was how far back during my time in school I’d have to go to find a similar class conducted this way, e.g. the reading each paragraph out loud and the teacher asking questions that could literally be answered by simply reading a sentence directly from the article.

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Introducing “”

Effective August 1, 2011 this new non-profit and non-sectarian website is online and freely available to anyone who has an interest in or cares about Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Watchtower Society traces its roots back to the mid-19th and early-20th century International Bible Students, led by the charismatic prophet and founder, Charles Taze Russell. Between 1916 and 1942, the Watchtower was redefined, reorganized, its followers renamed, and its teachings revised by Russell’s successor, “Judge” Joseph F. Rutherford. There are dozens of websites dedicated to discussions and debates about the Watchtower’s history, its peculiar religious teachings, and its unique brand of “theocracy.” On the other hand, this site intends to take a different approach to the subject by looking at Jehovah’s Witnesses from the “inside,” rather than criticizing them from the point of view of outsiders. Some websites are very supportive and lavish in their praise of the Witnesses, while others … Continue reading