My first visit to a Kingdom Hall

I went to my first Kingdom Hall meeting last week and I want to write some of my thoughts about how a meeting is for an “outsider” like me.

My first impression was that everything at the Hall was very well-kept and tidy. There was even a small garden made up of flowering bushes and decorative rocks. I doubt that I could have found a single stain on anything inside the Hall.

The conductor never strayed from that formula throughout the meeting. I learned later that this is how these meetings are run. On the other hand, he did manage to sneak in a joke or two. However, his management of the subject article was done with a greater focus than I’d ever seen in a class at college. What struck me half way through was how far back during my time in school I’d have to go to find a similar class conducted this way, e.g. the reading each paragraph out loud and the teacher asking questions that could literally be answered by simply reading a sentence directly from the article.

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