There’s Never Any Pony!

Introducing Terry Walstrom, an accomplished commentator on the current state of affairs within the Jehovah’s Witness religion. This adaptation of one of his recent forum posts highlights the often unfortunate reality of listening to, and believing in, what the Watchtower organization teaches and promotes. Terry spent 20 years as an active Jehovah’s Witness, but ultimately found his years of dedicated effort and hopes for a better future totally fruitless. Read his interesting take on what it’s like for an ex-Witness to meet face to face with a current member.

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Hard Knocks

It happened over sixty years ago. And still, I hear those booming knocks at my front door. They weren’t ordinary knocks, as they set in motion a series of events that dramatically altered the rest of my life.

Before taking my afternoon naps, Mama would read a story from my favorite comic book. Her animated delivery of Little Lulu’s adventures, finagling her way into the boys-only club or Lulu’s imaginary tales of Old Witch Hazel was the best part of my nap time routine. On one particular day, I was awake in bed for a long time, thinking about Lulu and how she had out foxed Tubby and Iggy into getting them to admit her into their exclusive club.

I had just fallen asleep when I heard a hard “knock, knock, knock” at the front door. Knocks so loud, I heard them clearly from the far back bedroom of our newly built bungalow-style home in West Los Angeles. It was November 1947,

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