Why Young People are Leaving

It’s not hard to figure out why so many JW children are conditioned from an early age to associate drudgery with the meetings and assemblies. There isn’t anything designed or built into the programs that work with the attention spans of young children. Other churches offer separate classes, services, or groups for children compatible with their maturity level and get them acclimated to going to church. The Watchtower stubbornly sticks to a “one size fits all” approach for everyone. How many schools group preschoolers, high school students, and graduate students into the same classroom?

By the time many young JWs reach their teens, not only have they been conditioned to associate worshipping Jehovah with great displeasure, but they still don’t have any groups or programs tailored to their age group or to meet their needs. This has to be a huge factor in the turnover of young people leaving the organization.

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