There’s Never Any Pony!

By Terry Walstrom

Thanks for knocking on my door.

I see you are smiling, so you must be a happy person. Undoubtedly you have hope for the future!

At least, you say you do. You’re telling me about what you are looking forward to, at least, and warning me as well.

Okay. Hold on. Before you go any further…

If I thought I’d won the lottery and was waiting for that fat check in the mail, I’d be grinning like a Cheshire cat too!

But, if that check was promised on a certain day – and it didn’t come – I’d stop smiling.

Oh wait! Wait! Did I mention? This did happen to me – sort of. Except it wasn’t the Lottery I’d won.

What do I mean?

I mean I was told by the time I was 28 I could take up residence in Paradise! Yes! I kid you not!

The year would have been 1975 – does that year sound at all familiar?

All I had to do was spread the word. And, believe me – I DID – as a “Regular Pioneer.”

At least 100 hours every month I’d go into neighborhoods, just like you are doing today, smiling at the door, and promising this wonderful future that – uh – NEVER HAPPENED!

Aww, sure – you seem very uncomfortable listening to this. You’ve figured it out, haven’t you?

I use to be JUST LIKE YOU!

How so?

I was dead wrong at the door!

You know what convinced me? My belief was refuted by REALITY. Nothing ever happened after I was repeatedly assured it would.

So, you have to ask yourself a question. It is the most important question you’ll ever ask, Mister Jehovah’s Witness.

What ONE THING, if it happened–would refute your beliefs?

In my case, it was the ONE THING that DIDN’T happen.

I was just wondering if you have ever thought about it?

What promises are you making on behalf of your religion that some other poor schmuck will hear – and then come to discover is pure bull?

But, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you think about it. I know I have!

It’s like the old joke – the one about the little girl in her birthday party dress shoveling horseshit asking, “Where is my pony?”

JW’s just keep on “shoveling the shit”………and there is never any pony!

Terry Walstrom is another insightful, and often humorous contributor to many JW discussion sites. After being convinced into becoming a Jehovah’s Witness by his best friend, he was baptized in 1963, just two days after President John F. Kennedy was shot. Then when the 1975 prophecy was emphasized in the “Truth” book in 1968, Terry became a regular pioneer, putting in 100 hours a month while trying to support his family. After the failure of the Watchtower’s 1975 prediction, he separated from his wife (the sister of his best friend), and was surprised to find himself disfellowshipped. After 20 years, he left the Witness religion behind forever – but continues to expose their illogical teachings and failed predictions. This article was adapted from a thread he started at the forum. [Click this link to read Terry’s original post with additional comments.] We’re very pleased that Terry has also agreed to allow us to adapt and publish the best of his commentaries.


There’s Never Any Pony! — 2 Comments

  1. ‘Paradise’ is the proverbial carrot before the donkey that keeps the slave beast walking. I believe there is a heaven to gain (paradise earth for Tribulation saints) and a hell to shun, but my motivation is love for God and others, not a religious treadmill to earn salvation (impossible). Harold Camping was also wrong in playing the Dating Game. This alone does not disprove theism, Bible, etc.; it does prove the fallibility and foolishness of men. It must be devastating to realize one has believed a lie and peddled it to others. Thankfully, those who come to their senses can start afresh and learn from their mistakes and become a better (some become bitter) person.

  2. No one knows when Jehovah will end the present evil conditions we see going on today and why they say these things who knows they mean well the interpretations were wrong I still attend meetings not baptized but a lot of truth is being taught where else are you go to learn about the scriptures?!

    Joseph g.

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