Stephen Lett: Being Dumped from the Governing Body?

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is made up of seven members. An eighth, Guy Pierce, died in 2014 and has not been replaced as of March, 2015. One of the more prominent men of the current body is Stephen Lett, 65, a member since 1999.

Since 2009, the Watchtower has assigned all “spiritual responsibilities” and any clarification on doctrinal issues to the Governing Body. In 2012, the Governing Body was identified as the “faithful and discreet slave” that reports directly to Jehovah for spiritual matters. While this change offended many of the other members of the “anointed” class (then numbering around 10,000), the “new light” was soon accepted by a majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has become the current belief and policy that the dissemination of “new spiritual light” is the responsibility of only “a limited number” of the “slave class.” Some Jehovah’s Witnesses are wondering if these seven men are truly the only ones qualified to be responsible for deciding what “is right, versus “what is wrong.” 

In the years after the formation of the Governing Body (mid-1960s), its members mostly stayed in the background and acted in advisory roles over department heads within Bethel. Much of the real power within the organization was held by non-“anointed” but longtime elders with special skills and responsibilities. Many Governing Body members rarely made public appearances and were relegated to attending short meetings to participate in required discussions and votes. The real power within the organization was often managed by non-anointed specialists in financial, legal, and printing operations.

SLett-1-300x165Since the Watchtower’s rather quick transformation of identity from Watchtower Bible and Tract Society to, the Governing Body members have begun to recast themselves as media stars. Out of the seven current members, two of them seem to have enjoyed being on the center stage: Anthony Morris and Stephen Lett.

John Cedars, editor and primary writer for, has published many recent articles describing, defining, and ridiculing many members of the Governing Body. His editorial comments and factual replays of Governing Body gaffs and insanities have, for the most part, been right on target. As expected, Anthony Morris and Stephen Lett have been his primary targets. [Link] and [Link]

Lett-HowdyFor some critics of the Watchtower (including myself on some occasions), Cedars’ editorial treatments seemed a bit “over the top” and maybe too harsh. But within the past few weeks, Stephen Lett seems to have become the true looney, the master clown, the odd man out of the current Governing Body. Quite frankly, for some serious publishers and sincere elders in the organization, Lett has become an embarrassment at a time when the Watchtower is under constant fire and ongoing scandals due to legal cases and media criticism.

After Lett’s most recent “foot in mouth” episode, rumors have begun circulating that he may be asked to step down after Jehovah’s spirit influences the other six members to fire his ass. When or how this would be accomplished is very much up for debate, but the noise is building that such a possibility exists. If he is not removed, then we can expect to see him kept in the background and effectively shut down.

lett-laughingLett was an unlikely candidate as a choice to join the Governing Body in 1999. He was only 49 at the time, so was very young compared to the others on the Body at the time. Many of his critics felt that he was much too young to have become one of the “anointed.” Even in 1999, the general teaching of the Watchtower was that no one born after 1935 could qualify as “being anointed,” and yet here was this “kid” claiming to have “the heavenly hope.” His supporters pointed out that he had been in “full-time service since he was a young teenager” and that he had always accepted and fulfilled any assignment given to him. That still left many others wondering why so many faithful Witnesses, even those in very high positions within the Watchtower organization, did not consider themselves to be “anointed.” Yet, this fellow who for many of his contemporaries looked “like Howdy Doody on crack cocaine,” was chosen by Jehovah’s spirit for such high respect and responsibilities.

Will Lett be locked away and removed from public display by the other Governing Body members (being “guided by holy spirit,” of course)? Will his role on streaming video and major convention presentations be limited to scripts prepared by others? Will he be sent away to act as a special GB envoy to Malawi, Ukraine, Kashmir or the Aleutians for extended missionary training assignments?

Watch this space…



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  1. From the original popes/presidents of the Watchtower to the Governing Body, it is clear that they are not directed by God and JW is not His organization. Autocratic religions need to be held to account and their victims need the truth that sets people free.

  2. Oh, don’t be so hard on him. He comes across as a very cheerful respectable fellow. He just happens to be under the Org’s strong “we are the one” attitude. That may be true in part, but they are also mis-guided and directed by their enemies, and made fools of. And all those following them are part of the colateral damage. But their hearts are in the right place! And they do practice strongly what they preach, for the most part. The power of money and survial of the huge Org. is at the center of their attention. When they should be waiting on Jehovah like they preach to those suffering from losses of jobs & incomes within their congregations.

    • Sounds like you are suggesting that Jehovahs witnesses are responsible for that loss of income and jobs by its members…

      Not true…

      If not for Jehovahs witnesses I would still be on the dole…

      I was told I could not go into the full time ministery until I could support myself financially…

  3. It is clear they do not want to debate lowly me because they can’t stand on the written word of God. Remember the late Raymond Franz? The truth will get you kicked out of satan’s kingdom on Jesus is where you need to go.

    • I will debate you anytime using any bible……..

      See how you do against a lowly Jehovahs witness,a child in Gods congregation would run rings round you….

  4. And after waht we saw in Australia this friday after GB Jackson said, “eyebrows” Lett is going to be on the door to door on the North Pole.

  5. I know the Witnesses for many years. They take very strong actions against members that violate their ‘Bible teachings’. At least in my country where other religions seem lax on moral issues and corruption, they stand in very stark contrast. I recently became aware of a member, or ex-member who sexually abused a minor. The furor seems to have shifted from the offender to the JWs. The reason seems to be JW’s negligence to report to authorities on time. It is well known JWs write so much books for young ones especially on sexuality. Yet, some of the barbs, which incidentally come from ex-Jws, unduly sensationalize a very painful experience for the victim. It is as if JWs are to be held responsible, for what they condemn. Even this reporting is in that spirit. Mr Lett is almost held criminally liable for seeming to make a statement that those who spread lies that JWs tolerate pedophiles should be ignored. And he will be demoted to preach in Malawi, Kashmir or other remote places. Interestingly, JWs seem to regard members who go there as heroes. So what the heck! To Condi, the unfortunate victim, don’t allow yourself to be used to settle score some ex-JWs have against their former faith. Get on with your life, and if you still believe in God, know that vengeance will come on him that abused you.

    • Your comment is embarrassing. It’s already been proven the the JWs hide pedophiles from the authorities. It has already been proven that the JWs allow these pedophiles to remain in good standing and continue to abuse more children. You are completly ignorant as to what is really going on. Educate yourself.

        • Who you calling a liar?

          I don’t lie……

          Oh I see you mean all of Jehovahs witnesses who don’t come here to defend themselves……

          So in the vast majority of these casas its you who lies..

      • You should educate yourself. Juli. People lie. Just like these pedophiles dis. They claimed to be rehabilited and so all was forgiven. Finally the victims spoke out and the governing body agreed that legal action should be taken. No one is perfect and our legal system definitely isnt. Just because they assignes the pedophiles a lawyer doesnt mean they agree with their actions. They did it to be fair. Just as you would any other person standing trial. Those pedophiles covered their lies and kept their victims quiet. I dont understand why you all think JWs are so terrible because one branch slipped up. Have you seen the amount of catholic priests that sleep with young boys? No? Im sorry can you say. Hiding the pedophiles more slowly. It applies to a lot of organizations. But. Most of you bash anyone who’s not you.

        • Mika, it is true. When studying for a criminal justice degree, I learned that out of all crimes, pedophiles have the most recidivism (returning to the crime) rate out of all the crimes. That means they cannot be rehabilitated, therefore always a danger near children.

      • Jehovahs witnesses have the strictest entrance requirement of any church and are the only one that disfellowship wrongdoers….

        You say they protect paedophiles? It doesn’t make sense….

        In Jesus time the Christian congregation where accused of commiting all manner of crimes and so was Jesus…

        Why should his modern day church be any different?

        The bible says you will know my disciples by the love they have amongst themselves?

        No church has more love to give than Jehovahs witnesses.

    • If nothing else the baptised JW who turns his back on the congregation went back on the devotion and promise they made to God….

      I could never do that….

      My baptism was for life……..

  6. Lett is misunderstood because he wants himself to be misunderstood. Only Jehovah knows if he is of the annointed, if he is then good for him.

  7. The real issue is that the WTJW has rotten foundations as historical shown Russell was an molester, adulterer, conman, libelist/slander (devil)and member of occult organisations. Clearly, this cannot be JHA’s approved organisation and certainly Jesus said You will KNOW my desciples by the love they have among themselves, everything about the WTJW is a contradiction a counterfeit religion, a portrait of JAH painted by Satan

  8. May 20, 2016
    Lett: allow Stephen Lett to be in the group of the GB, if Jehova anointed him as one of the faithful and discreet slave, it’s only God knows because he is the one who point his servants. If the spirit of God is witnessing, then will see as we go onon.

    • Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz, etc. and no GB member has ever been called or anointed by God. They are false teachers in a false organization. WT is not God’s organization and salvation is only through Jesus, YHWH in the flesh (Jn. 14:6; Jn. 3:16; Acts 4:12; Rom. 10:9-10; I Jn. 5:11-13; Jn. 1:12).

      • Your comments indicate that which is not true of JW’s. Though I recognize the Watchtower Society has many serious issues, please take note and educate yourselves that the JW,s uphold the Christ as the Son of God as he clearly stated in many of the Gospels. Also, never did he EVER state or claim to be God himself.”Son of Man, Son of David”, he was called by many, and yes, the way, the truth and the life, indeed. Jesus not once professed that he was God and he spoke of Him in the third person. He called God his father many times. He said “The Father is greater than I.” And many other accounts her prayed to his father. The Apostle John wrote in one the first of his general letters to Christians at 1John 4:12, stating that no one has ever seen God. But yet, we know that the Apostle John was the apostle closest to Jesus before he went back to heaven (read Prov 8:30 and see how Jesus was a master worker beside his father!) So if Jesus is God, as Trinitarians claim, why did John profess from his very mouth that “No one has ever seen God.”? All of the scriptures you posted are true but leave no evidence that Jesus is God Almighty. Do your research into your OWN beliefs (I did mine). See where the Trinity doctrine originates. Below are some references and not one of these is of the Watchtower or it’s affiliates and recognize that because a peoples belief is not common or popular among the people, it does not make them false.

        Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons, pg 99
        Babylonian and Assyrian Religion pp 14-40
        Forgers of the Word-1983 Victor Paul Weirwille
        The Babylonian Connection, by Errol Hale

        Google these please, you may learn something.

        • WT quote Hislop 2 Babylons (I have the book), but they misquote and misrepresent him. He was a trinitarian who defended the trinity, but he was against extra/contrabiblical Catholics ideas that were not biblical like the trinity. We can look at WT history, beliefs, practices, leaders in a way the average JW is not allowed to.
          Other false groups call Jesus the Son of God (Mormons, etc.), but there is a semantical barrier with the kingdom of the cults to define this in an unbiblical way. THe Arian objections have been responded to, but you are selectively ignoring or twisting the Deity verses.

          You also list Victor Paul Weirwille, a blatant condemned cult leader, as a source of support. Even WT would condemn him in the same category as Moonies, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Mormons, etc. This is not a credible scholastic source, but a destructive cult leader like your group is?!

          This is a pivotal verse with scholars WT misquotes. These are credible sources, unlike the ones you list. Google is your enemy. If you google apologetic material against WT, it will be very hard to remain one (thankfully many leave after disobeying the Society on this)> I can only conclude that you are a typical JW loyal to an organization, but not able to think and investigate critically and objectively.

          • “false groups call Jesus the Son of God (Mormons, etc.), ”

            Tell me you really didn’t say that….

            Talk about having your foot in your mouth…

            False groups like God,Jesus,the 1st century Christians and the bible?

            Are you sure you want to include Jesus and his Father God in these “false groups”

            Both said that Jesus is GODS SON!!!!!

            Read your bible before you open your mouth next time…

        • You missed his point, you and all of Satan’s hoard are in a cult. You can argue the trinity all you want, but one thing you can not argue, is the fact that you are more afraid of the governing body than you are of The only begotten Son of Jehovah. Yes, Jesus Christ, not your so called remnant. There is only one salvation, and who is it from?

      • So who are Gods church?

        If you can point me in the direction of another church even close to bible truth besides Jehovahs witnesses I will join it…..

        Unfortunately there isn’t….NOT EVEN CLOSE…….

        As for attacking them for hiding child molesters in the congregation I cant comment on individual cases but I find it highly offensive the way you talk about the kindest,loving and most dedicated people I have ever met….

      • If Jesus is Yahweh in the flesh,who was it who spoke at his baptism?

        Who raised Jesus from the dead?

        Unless you are saying Jesus didn’t really die…..

        In which case Jesus didn’t pay the ransom sacrifice and there is no salvation through Jesus….

        That would put a spoke in your wheels,wouldnt it?

    • Please, can anyone show me the “anointed remnant” phrase or where it is in scripture in the Bible? I can’t seem to find it.

  9. Hello Ezekiel. I pray that you have been freed from your battle with Satan and his minions.
    I also pray for your Salvation and that you will open your heart to Jesus, as only through him will you find eternal life in the Lord’s Kingdom.
    I am not trying to offend you but I am trying to save you when I say that The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is not an accurate translation of the Holy Scriptures of Christian believers. I do not expect you to accept this from me, right out but I pray that you will use your own intelligence to research what I am saying to you, regardless of perhaps believing me to be an Apostate – and of course whether you are so indoctrinated that you are not permitted to do this, which I am aware of.

    My wife and I have regular contact with a couple who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Initially, they tried to convince us that their doctrine was the only truth and the way to salvation. However, their attempts bore no fruit as we could not be swayed to believe a doctrine which was tailor made to fit the theology of a number of men of the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society. The previously mentioned ‘Bible’ is so full of inaccuracies,additions,omissions, manipulations and untruths.

    None of the men of the Governing Body were qualified to translate Biblical Scripture – only one of them possessed anything like a High School Education and that is why their names do not appear in your Bible and not because they wished the glory to go directly to God – their credentials could not be checked! Do you not think that this is alarming?

    My wife and I are meeting with our Jehovah Witness friends in a few days time to discuss/debate John 1:1. The Christian version of this has been inaccurately translated by grammatical errors and words added. The combination of these two have totally changed the context of this verse; again to embrace the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society.

    I truly pray for your redemption and salvation through our one true God Jesus Christ. Paul, with every blessing.

      • Hi Walter. Thank you for your question.
        The translation from Greek is incorrect, in that the members of the Governing Body(GB) of the Watchtower Society(WTS) have manipulated the text to support their own doctrine.
        e.g. NKJV (John 1:1) states ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God’.

        NWT (John 1:1) states ‘In the beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god’.

        The Greek language of Biblical times did not have an ‘indefinite article,a or an’ and by the GB inserting an ‘a’; it has demoted ‘God’ to ‘a god’; thus changing the meaning.

        Yet, in John 1:6 the GB has not applied their ‘rule’ to this verse and not placed an ‘a’ before God or used a lower case ‘g’. The NWT states ‘There arose a man that was sent forth as a representative of God: his name was John.

        I pray that this helps. If not, please get back to me. God Bless. Paul

        • They translate straight from the interlinear greek scriptures. But i guess as long as you believe Jesus is god you think your set.

        • Just how many times does the bible have to say Jesus is Gods SON before you start listening……..

          The bible say he is Gods SON,Jesus said he is Gods SOH,Jehovah says Jesus is his SON…….

          You say he is God………

          Are you stupid or or just deliberately ignorant?

          If you cant get that right what hope for the rest of the bible?

        • And all the other scriptures where those who translated your version of the bible where they included “A” in the translation in verses other than John1:1 are they wrong aswell?

  10. Hello Brian. I was saddened to read of your predicament; I shall pray for you.

    Are you truly serious about inviting Jehova’s Witnesses, in? If you are already indoctrinated into this cult’s ways, please turn to the one true God, Jesus Christ: it is only He who can give you redemption and everlasting life.

    The Governing Body (GB) has been full of false prophets over the years and caused the deaths of thousands with previous doctrine! Please turn to Christianity and not this evil cult! God Bless. Paul

    • How much do you think Gods people will listen to your blatant lies and half truths Paul?

      I don’t know how you dare offer prayers for people with the same mouth you attack Gods church…

      Please don’t pray for me I have enough problems already…

  11. There are nominal, apostate churches like United Church that are shrinking. There are megachurches, evangelical churches that are much larger and faster growing than Kingdom Halls. Concerned Christians who were never JW are not apostates. Many who leave WT become secular and some find Jesus. When they start refuting JW from the Bible, they are marginalized due to mind control and fear, not refuted.

    When JWs say they are true because they are large and growing, they back peddle when true stats are given (they have a revolving door and are stagnant or losing ground in many places…the conventions I went to in the past or kingdom halls were fuller than now in many places). They then say narrow is the way and few find it. JWs are a comparatively small group compared to Islam, false Mormons, Catholics, true Baptists/Pentecostals, etc.

    • Your statement isnt very accurate. They dont say they are true because they are large and growing. Not every single witness is beaten into submission. Maybe some families do that but no one overall is forced to stay. If you want to leave then you can go. Unless you are married to a witness or the child of one you have free will. And you must have been talking to someone who wasnt as well learned in the way. Stagnant? With more than 8 million? You must be joking.

    • “””When they start refuting JW from the Bible, they are marginalized due to mind control and fear, not refuted.”””

      Refuting Gods word can only be done by ignoring 90% of the bible and the majority of Gods people just cant do that..

      Allowing those who refute Gods word to continue in the congregation is what started the indoctrination of the orthodox church in the 1st place…

      Jehovahs witnesses should be 1 united people and that can only be do by casting out those who oppose Gods word…

      Jehovahs witnesses will always be marginalised because “Those on the road to life are few” but those on the road to destruction are many..

      Gods church will always be in the minority…

  12. I pray that the one true God opens your eyes and heart to his ministry. It is truly sad that you believe that God has a organization, which you belong to. You are a cult member, not a Christian.

    I can read what I like and watch what I like without being told by elders that I cannot. The only instructions you should follow, are those of God and not members of this cult.

    Are you aware of the amount of paedophilia in your organization – not God’s. The vast majority of offences are not reported to the police and are dealt with internally – the victims being threatened with dis-fellowship. This is at all levels.

    I don’t need to toil for hours in a vain hope to be one of the 144,000 who are chosen for paradise. It is enough to invite the Lord into one’s life and follow his example. This guarantees salvation.

    You prey on the vulnerable, using scripted dialogue, a perversion of the Holy Bible and silly booklets full of misleading pictures. You have a way to find salvation, I pray that you use it.

    • i hope you find it too. And theres only a few of the 144000 left on the earth. The end of this system is here.

    • You wont get anywhere telling us what we do in the ministery and only show yourself a liar by doing so……..

      Every time you speak the truth is so far from your lips and its all there in any bible you care to use…..

      I prefer one that has Gods name in its rightful place and not one where it as been removed in a desperate attempt attempt to support the pagan trinity,,,

    • “Inivite Jesus into your life and it guarantees salvation?”

      What like Judas you mean?

      He sat at Jesus table but still betrayed him…..

      You think you can gain salvation by doing nothing……..

      Judas proves that isn’t possible…

  13. This is a very abusive religion. This religion is a cancer to the societies it operates in. Stay away from this place. Tell all you care about to stay away from this religion. They seem nice till they baptize you. Then you are caught by the trap. They will mess up your life. They will mess up your mind. I’vr been there for 29 years and been thru the ranks. Looks great outwardly. It is a deadly trap inside. Based on lies and keeping secrets so the truth dont come out. Be aware of this demonic place. They call it the truth. Its a true cult. Nothing more. Avoid them by all means!!!

    • “Oh yes a very abusive religion….”

      And if you believe that you will believe anything?

      How the hell do you think you can get that blatant lie past Jesus and his father?

      You might get it past earthling man by telling them not to go to the meetings and find out for themselves,,,,,,

      but Gods sees all……..

      You sir are a liar and its there for all to see……

    • 29 years? I have been associated with them 40 yrs and I know you are lying through your rotting teeth……….

      Stop trying to justify your own inability to stay true to Gods word the bible……

      You can lie to yourself but Jehovah and his witnesses see right through you…

      • paul 40 years hey !seems you havnt studied revelations where it states not to change words in the bible, jw do this hands down all over the new world translation, but you wouldnt look at anything else because you could run the risk of being disfellowshipped , you live in complete fear and ignorance and do not know christ, very sad. you sound agressive (rotten teeth)typical of JW

        • Yes I have studied revelation with Jehovahs witnesses….

          Jehovahs witnesses haven’t changed the bible no more than any other translators through the years…..

          They put the Gods name BACK in the bible because it is common knowledge that it was taken out by the early church…

          As for as the threat of disfellowshipping is concerned-It would be a bit late because I am disfellowshipped already…As I have said many times on this site-

          I could NEVER go back on my dedication to God Jehovah,his son Jesus or his church….

        • “Typical Of Jehovahs witnesses?”

          I don’t think so……

          I make no appol0gies for my approach to spreading the message…

          Even Jesus himself took the same approacthe scribes and pharasees

          “soons of vipers” he called them…..

          Read some of his views of the scribes and pharasies…..”Sons of vipers”he called them..

          • paul i have to apologize i havnt been reading all the comments, im not sure where your at or why you were disfellowshipped, i to was a jehovah witness, you do need to research charles taze russel, he and a spirit medium scholar stated they new the Greek scriptures and understood the language, when he went to court he told the judge he new Greek and Hebrew when he was asked to speak in the language he coudnt the judge asked him again do you know the Greek language he stated no,
            jws cannot give you sound evidence of the scholars who translated the bible,into the new world translation, they also prophside the end of the wold on so many occasion, jesus said no one will ever know the hour when he would return . jws are a false prophet
            jws are a false prohet

          • BARNEY……….Wheres the reply button gone on your message?

            I hope it isn’t an attempt to stop me replying to your accusations….

            There are ways round that,the truth will always come out……

            I know all about Charles Taze Russell-Theres one major problem with your argument and that is Taze Russell had very little to do with the bible we use now….It was not released until 1950(New Testament)and 1961(Full bible)

            I take it from your argument that your bible doesn’t say Jesus was Gods son?

            It does? And many times over? Well I’m gobsmacked!

            Why would you ignore them scriptures for a few scriptures which seem to say he is God?

            Jesus said he was Gods Son!

            Jehovah God said Jesus was his son….

            The early Christians said he was Gods son….

            Forget Taze Russell who needs him when we have these as our witnesses….

            Use what translation you like,you cant take that out the bible…

          • As far as the prophesies are concerned….

            Yes in the past mistakes where made(Nobody is perfect) but it was not done to mislead-It was only a misunderstanding which happened as they searched for the truth with a genuine desire to understand the bible…

            It didn’t stop Gods blessing on their efforts……

            I have seen the other churches and they don’t even come close to Jehovahs witnesses in their interpretation of Gods word—–Not even close….

            And say what you like about Taze Russel or Jehovahs witnesses and that will not change..

            I know the truth it as set me free…..

          • Charles was an off shoot from seventh day Adventist, what! just over a hundred years ago Charles changed it up a bit, then there was judge Rutherford never talked about now days because he was a bit of a nutter , lots of hidden archived history there unknown to new JWS and not available to veiw. jesus is 2018 years. why are you disfellowshipped, why are you so full on defending jws, you sound really angry,
            Jesus is NOT MICHAEL THE ARCH ANGEL,

          • “No one knows the hour except the Father who sent me”

            How is it possible for God the father to know something “god the son” doesn’t?

            How is it possible for God to send himself? Why does God send his equal? Doesn’t that make the son subservient?

          • Barney……

            I’m angry because you know neither the bible,Jehovah or Jesus but you still condemn his church based on character assassination and not on bible truth……

            Show me you have some faith in what you believe and stick to the bible when you try to prove Jehovahs witnesses are wrong..

            As for hiding the truth from new Jehovahs witnesses-I am not a new JW and that is not my experience..

            You are not going to accuse me of hiding it are you? Trust me you wont win any friends that way..

            Why was I disfellowshipped? Sexual infidelity….

            I am not proud of that I made mistakes and the brothers where right to disfellowship me..

            Why do I stick up for Jehovahs witnesses? Because they are Gods people and the only ones even close to teaching bible truth…

            Just because I couldn’t keep to the laws of the bible doesn’t change that..

            In fact one of the biggest issues I have with the ex-Jehovahs witnesses who post on this site is that they believed Jehovahs witnesses had the truth(They got baptised so they must have believed) They have problems of various types and then they decide it wasn’t Gods church afterall….

            Being disfellowshipped doesn’t make Jehovahs witnesses wrong it makes ME wrong…

            When I was baptised I knew what was expected of me and I failed but I made a dedication for life,I cant and wont go back on that..

            The bible proves Jehovahs witnesses are right and the bible doesn’t change..

            Nothing you say about the early C T Russell era will change that…

          • How many times does it say the God Jehovah wa mightier than Jesus?

            How many times does it show Jesus to be subserviant to the father God?

            You can argue for the SON of God being worthy of the same worship as his father

            In fact Phillipians 2 shows that the father gave him that power,Jesus did not take it for himself.Y

            You cant make an argument that Jesus and his father are equals…

          • BARNEY AND JOHN….

            You have gone very quiet…..

            Have you given up your attacks on Gods church?(Jehovahs witnesses)

            I am waiting for your replies…….

          • paul i had tried to reply twice and was marked as spam thought you may have tried to shut me down, so im not sure what happened

          • Sorry Barney….

            I have had similar problems myself,so appologies are due to you………

            I have not tried to stop you answering my messages….

            I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway…

          • paul i have replied not to you personally, it seems to work and i replied in short statements on the website as i was having difficulty so theres a few there for you

  14. The “source” for this article is what–rumors?
    From who? Where? When?
    How many and how often?

    I’m not saying it isn’t happening. I’m asking what is the actual, factual basis behind this article?


  15. You are rude the age doesn’t matter at all.
    What if you wanted to join a sertain group but they tell you that you aren’t qualified cause you don’t have as much experience as the others plus your too young how would you feel hmmmmmm

    Hopefully I gave you something to think about “friend” hhhhhmmmmmmmm

    Ps I like using emojis to express my anger.

  16. I have been considering working on becoming a Witness. After coming across this discussion, I am really worried now that this may be a terrible mistake. There seems to be so much discord and things that don’t meet the eye concerning this organization. I have now decided to do a lot more research before going any further. If half of the things I see in this discussion are true I need to completely re-think about being associated in any way with an organization like this. All of this is very upsetting to say the least. There’s way too much smoke for there not to be a bad fire somewhere.

    • There are more problems than just this, They hide Biblical truth from their members. There are Facebook pages owned by Jehovah’s Witnesses called Jehovah’s Witness Examiner and Jehovah’s Witnesses and Friends. I went there, not to argue, because I think that is sinful and scripture teaches us not to argue. Instead I placed scriptures that gave context and completed the thoughts they began. I did not use NWT, but neither did I use KJV. Often I used Berean Study Bible translation. They took down every scripture, every comment (usually one kind comment that was not offensive because I was careful) and blocked me. They do not want their members to read scriptures in context or see passages that shed light on a subject if it is contrary to the doctrine they teach.

      • Blocked by Jehovahs witnesses…..

        I’ve been blocked by many Pentecostal sites….

        On one site they said Jehovahs witnesses supported hitlers extermination of the JEWS…….

        which was highly offensive but the moderater did nothing.

        Then I got blocked because I posted proofs against the trinity in the bible………….

        You gotta love these “Christian” websites……

    • Ask your teacher if you will be saved when you are baptized.
      See John 3:15 than John 3:16 hmm. Notice any other bible, does it say excersize faith in John 3:16? Nope! You won’t be directed to John 3:15 by any witness, but they sure like to show you John 3:16. If you would like to know more, give me a shout. I can give you an ear full, why the Watchtower is from the devil.

    • If God and his son why has he given them his word?

      People think if they attack Jehovahs witnesses it will undermine our faith but you need more than that you need to change the bible because its all there in black and white..THAT cannot change..

  17. Harry the organization can be great if you are agreeable on all teachings, you are encouraged to question but to show any sign of distrust or read another bible or any other literature from other religious teachings you will be classed as sitting on the fence and others will be warned against you through fear of a satanic influence, if you are unable to meet preaching requirements you will be categorized as not spiritual enough or week spiritually, although you will meet many people and have a good social life beware you will be watched and valued on your actions and worth YOU will be judged and feel these effects, you will run on guilt and never feel good enough for Jehovah, you will see others making mistakes as all humans do but you may also become the judge yourself, a bit self righteous, you will be placed in a box by some and you will also place people in boxes, be aware of loosing family members and friends because your mind set will change, you may become self righteous and judgmental towards them because they dont think like you do, the bible does state you cannot come to the father unless you first come through me, I feel JW by pass Jesus alot although they prey through your son Jesus Christ i don’t think they really get the importance of that scripture , you must have a relation ship with Jesus they dont.

  18. I have two sons in JW organisation. I also have three others who are not. The influence on my sons lives has been transforming. My husband and I have been doing studies with them for over four years, we have been to one convention and we have already booked to go this year again to the one in Dublin.
    I am not a stupid person when it comes to spiritual things and I know this organisation isn’t perfect but compared to evangelical churches it has so many attributes. I question Christmas now, birthdays, etc, they are all to do with paganism. I cannot turn back to the Christian evangelicals or main stay churches, they are much worse than JWs. I don’t think I will become a witness in their true sense but they do teach from the bible. I always read from King James and their bible at the same time on the app.
    The Christian church need to come together as one. 1 Corinthians 14:33 (KJV) says! For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. Compared to a very large and organised 8 million plus Jehovah Witnesses. The Christian Churches is fragmented, accepting of many other evil things.
    It is possible I will not become a Witness but I will go to their meeting halls, I will listen to their message and I will be the judge of what is acceptable to me by reading what I think will further my life with Christ.

    • Nice try, you already talk like a witness. Making a judgement on what you think, will be your biggest mistake. Name me one organization Jehovah had before jw’s? It’s not a trick question, but think before you answer.

      • Organisation?

        The 1st century christian church…

        The Nation of Israel…..

        The bible says so…

        Or at least it would if Gods name Jehovah wasn’t taken out of the bible by unscruplous translators…..

  19. That Stephen Lett looks like a pedophile himself; true weirdo. Why do they need lawyers? Because they know they are lying. They are supposed to report child abusers to the authorities and to the congregations. They want to come off as a perfect organization without any flaws. They don’t even put into the Awake or Watchtower about their stand on child abuse, pedophiles, etc. It shows to me that something is wrong with them. They can talk about other organizations doing wrong, but not themselves. They think that they can change these pedophiles by keeping them within the organization; that’s crazy. That’s why a lot of these pedophiles like these religions, because they know that no one is going to report them. They continue to harm children and get away with it.

    • NO….The problem is that any paedophiles in the congregation are soon identified because of the strict laws we live by…..

      In any other church they would go unnoticed because in other churches these people can do what they like and not admit to the crimes because there is no requirement to do so…

      “Once saved always saved?”

      Does that include paedophiles?

  20. Paul-JW responding to august 30th
    ok seems to be working,
    wHat side of the planet do you live on ? where are you in the world i am from Australia
    i would like to refer to your comment about (condemn his church) church is not in the witness vocabulary it is congregation or organisation.
    my faith is in Jesus not man
    I never accused you of hiding anything. an awareness of historical insite to Jehovah witness is valuable

    • Why do you have a prolem with the governing body of Jehovahs witnesses?

      It is the same arrangement the 1st century Christians had…….

      My faith is in Jesus and the one who sent him………

      Jehovahs witnesses teach from the bible and are the only ones that makes sense to me……

        • Stop saying things like “They twisted the bible”

          That’s just not true? Is it…

          Try the truth not lies…

          The bible says many,many times that Jesus is Gods son and that’s what Jehovahs witnesses preach…Wheres the twisting in that?

          Read the bible as it is written and you can conclude only one thing Jehovahs witnesses have the truth…

  21. Paul- JW response to August 30th
    dis-fellowshipped is not in the bible but it is in the elders hand book not viewed or seen by other witness.
    JWS are very knowledgeable but if you have jesus wrong then all your knowledge is out the window

    you talk about laws and breaking laws jesus died for all sin , you are of the flesh and man that’s why he died, forgiveness and grace is something not highlighted within the congregations i actually don’t remember any teaching on grace didnt really know about it until i left.

    • I live on the east coast of England…

      Disfellowshipping is not in the bible but the diving instruction that is the basis for it is……

      To keep Gods church clean it is a necessity…..

      Or it will be the same as other church where members do just what they like and theres no comeback…..

      You saw no grace in Gods church?

      Look again…..

      I see it…..

  22. paul – JW response to august 30th
    Yes i believed i had the truth because i knew no different it takes a very long time to deprogram
    from JWS and if you research while within ooooowww look out,

    you say x JWs have various kinds of problems, Hmmm! now lets see what lye’s within shall we, what i have witnessed, where shall i start, first off breaking up family, death because of the blood (law), anxiety depression, stress, oh yeah the big one suicide, pedophilia, affairs, drugs alcohol, lets not forget judgment, self righteousness gossip, guilt resentment, shame,ego, arrogance, ignorance umm dobbers, gosh shall i go on. people wipe you off pretty quick actually. no i dont think i have those issues but i am human the same as everyone else in the world and we all i say all have issues

    • Don’t bother with the de-program rubbish…

      I have been with Jehovahs witnesses 40 years remember I KNOW BETTER……

      How can you lie about Gods church and claim to be a Christian?

      Break up families? The only church to speak out against divorce and place so much emphasis on the family….I don’t think so….

      As for blood transfusions-We are only obeying Gods laws,if you have a problem take it out with him…

      “Abstain from blood” you cant get much clearer than that..

      “anxiety depression, stress, oh yeah the big one suicide, pedophilia, affairs, drugs alcohol, lets not forget judgment, self righteousness gossip, guilt resentment, shame,ego, arrogance, ignorance umm dobbers”

      And so does every other chuch but Jehovahs witnesses do something about it….

      Of course you don’t agree with disfellowshipping either…..

      You cant have it both ways…..

      You mention the sins that are in Gods congregation but you want us to do anything about it…..

      And if this is the state of Gods church how bad must the Christian churches without disfellowshipping be?

  23. Paul JW responce to August 30th
    Im writing in short burst as this site has not accepted a longer version
    You stated you failed after baptism, i feel sorry that you see baptism the be all and end all, you made a mistake and this has affected yourself and others, and how the congregations looks, (gotta keep that clean) i guess” but you sound as if your sorry about that, Jesus died for our sins he gave his blood for you, you are man you are flesh you will never ever change that you cant. (those who have never sinned throw the first stone) no one can throw the first stone. there is a lot of stone throwing in the congregations actually they should all be walking around with a stone or too in there pocket instead of the NWT.
    your right when you say god never changes ,and the bible never changes, but the nwt is ever changing

    • Why shouldn’t baptism be the be all and end all?

      Even Jesus had to be baptised before he embarked on his ministery…

      “Am I” ,”Are you” more important than Jesus….

      “The New world translation is changing?” Really how so?

      Why do the brothers need to change the bible?

      EVERY bible says Jesus is Gods SON many,many times over and its churches like yours that ignores that….

      You cant put your faith in Jesus and his father because you don’t have faith in God you cant see but instead you hold on Jesus who you relate to when he was human on earth…

      You fail to see that Jesus was created in Jehovahs image…

      To know Jesus is to know Jehovah but if you don’t know Jehovah then you don’t really know his son Jesus…

      You would be amazed just how easy it is to know the truth when you stop listening to the lies…

      • are you repenting and going back is that whats happening are you sitting in the congregation down the back not being spoken to for a couple of years.?
        can i ask how many people you have bought into the truth over 40 years?

        • I have to be honest I am not going to the meetings at the moment but I fully intend to return soon…..

          It isn’t easy but Jesus said it wouldn’t be and I have made a rod for my own back…I alone am responsible for the predicament I’m in now…..

          How many people have I brought to the truth?

          None as yet……

          One sister in the congregation who had been in the truth longer than me said it best…

          I am engaged in the separating of the sheep and the goats that is the preaching work…Okay I have only found goats so far but that is just as important as finding the sheep…Its all the same work and the goats are in the greater number…

          • none in 40 years,
            is there a support group for people like yourself who have been committed have friends and family within the JWS for 40 years, does anybody say hello, wonder how you are, support what your going through after a disfellowshipping.

  24. I am treated just as I treated others before I was disfellowshipped……

    I am not a hypocrite who believes in disfellowshipping unless its me who is disfellowshipped………

    The brothers do speak to me if I speak to them at the meetings,when I went to the memorial two brothers on the door shook my hand on the way out and I spoke to one of the elders aswell…

    As a matter of Christian love I don’t want to put the brothers in a situation where they may go against an arrangement Jehovah God put into place…..

  25. Barney…..

    Yes none in 40 yrs……

    Who’s fault is that? Right MINE……

    If nobody believed what the bible said,would that make the bible false?


    • Paul, i don’t know any of your personal life or circumstance, I don’t judge you and im not your’e enemy. millions of people love God (jehovah) in fact billions and the bible, and im not sure if people find God or God finds them first, im sure its a bit of both. just like you found him through whatever situation either way this is a life long journey for everyone who wants to participate maybe its a journey for a while for some then it stops for others it continues for the rest of there life. all our experience, perceptions and interpretations of bible teachings and others is personal, personal to them and God.There is no fault in you.

      • Yes I understand that but believing in God doesn’t guarantee salvation…..

        Jesus said many would come in his name but he would reject them as workers of lawlessness…

        If just believing in God could bring salvation then that narrow and cramped road would be a wide spacious one…

        The fact it isn’t shows that just beleiving in God is not enough

        Satan the devil knows God even better than Gods church but as I said believing is not enough..

        It how you use it that matters..

        • jesus was hangen out with all the hurt, broken, unwanted, lawless characters under the sun, not the religious self righteous, and religion creates self righteousness out of ordinary every day human beings, jws are a religion among many others and become judgmental about who will be accepted to life or not.
          wrong move

          • “Self righteous?”

            If that’s what you think,you clearly know nothing of Gods people……

            It is our God given assignment to warn those on the the wrong path and help them find God again..If we do not we are blood guilty because we failed to teach them their errors..

            As long as the words we speak are from the bible then these are Gods judgements not our own..

      • “all our experience, perceptions and interpretations of bible teachings and others is personal, personal to them and God.There is no fault in you”

        Sounds nice and cozy but that’s not what the bible teaches the road to life is a hard one and few are those travelling it?

        If you are right,then the blle and Jesus where wrong it would be broad road with many walking it..

        • what you dont like nice and cozy??

          I agree few are the ones finding it. Hmmm! you do sound like i used to sound. the worry is
          you stick to main steam scripture that you have been trained and taught by sophisticated watchtower teachers, have you ever read the bible on your own without the manipulated assistance of any magazine?, im sure you wouldn’t have had any time to, because they keep you so busy reading alllll the other literature.

          • I do like nice and cosy but the truth is not nice and cosy it is hard and cramped as Jesus said the road to life is hard and cramped and few are finding it..Does that sound nice and cosy? I think not..

            I have read the bible on my own of course,I’m disfellowshipped remember I am not controlled by the congregation or its members..

            Unfortunately/fortunately the more I read the more evidence I see that Jehovahs witnesses are the only ones even close to what I read in the bible..

            Major sticking points for other religions include-

            Jesus is Gods son and not God himself-How many times does it have to say Jesus is Gods SON before you start listening…

            The resurrection is an earthly one not heavenly-The bible says “the righteous will possess the earth and LIVE FOREVER upon it..

            Gods name is Jehovah but the mainstream church refuses to it…

            Most mainstream religions support their countries in times of war…

            They must have forgot that Jesus is a man of peace and has no connection to these man made wars…

            The cross which is worn by many mainstream Christians is a graven image which crucifies Jesus anew every day it is worn…

            Shall I go on? There are many more..

            Like I said no one else comes even close to Gods word..

            If anyone does I will investigate it but I wont hold my breath..

            If you took time out from attacking Gods people and stick to the bible,you might find out for yourself..

            You wont though because you know you cant disprove Jehovahs witnesses wrong from the bible so you rely on character assassination of the members of Gods church..

            Well its not gonna work on me..

          • Can you explain to me where the often used term in Watchtower publications “Anointed Remnant” comes from? Is it a Bible verse?

          • 14th century Christianity corrupted, Constantine reunited the roman empire to one big happy church with Christianity and paganism, false doctrines and loss of Jesus teaching had crept into a church, beliefs, practices and doctrines never taught by Jesus not found in bible crept into the church, many great truths Jesus gave were lost. the bible predicted this would happen 2 peter 2:1.2 this took place in Constantine and gone on for centuries, deception from Satan. truth remained buried,tradition ritual and ceremony crept into the church, Jesus peter and Paul never herd of. There will be false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresies and many will follow there destructive ways.instead of freely offering the gospel of Jesus the church turned religion into business to sell forgiveness for salvation the more people sinned the richer the church became. selling entrance into heaven the church became the most powerful in the world,

  26. Paul JW continued on …..
    people were banned from reading the bible, the corrupted church kept its power enforcing false teachings and the age of darkness descended on the world any one challenging the church were put to death.The Reformation from martin luther was launched his decision changed the coarse of history, he became a monk, he desperately wanted peace of mind and assurance of salvation, inner peace had alluded him the more he tried to be holy to be good the more sinful he felt he suffered physical pain and mental stress to gain gods approval, he felt he did not do enough to merit gods goodness and favor. in 1510 he was selected to go to Rome and found it full of corruption and tradition he became confused disillusioned more troubled than ever he began to study the bible as never before determined to find the answers to this most important question How is a person accepted by god and saved he struggled with these questions, as he studied gods word he found no teaching of trying harder or winning Merritt of making yourself holy or earning gods acceptance or buying forgiveness. he studied the book of Romans he found peace to his troubled heart Romans 1.17 “the just shall live by faith” Luther finally found the truth that salvation comes by faith. by believing in jesus christ he understood that penances and tradition meant nothing for salvation rather the christian god is a god of love and mercy who accepts people just as they are on the basis of there faith in him. In the discovery that forgiveness and salvation came to us freely from christ alone Martin luther had made the greatest discovery of all time changing the coarse of history. please continue……

  27. Paul JW continue on …..
    A discovery that changed the coarse of history and bring peace and assurance as they received Christ righteousness for themselves. this bought conflict for Luther it made him a heretic in his church, a criminal in society. and an outlaw throughout the roman empire. the church were selling certificates to community for assurance to heaven to raise money to build a cathedral in Rome, Luther saw this as a perversion of the gospel, he wanted to share the good news that had set him free, bought him inner peace and assurance. in 1517 he posted a list of 95 indulgences on the church door his theses spread throughout Europe unleashing a storm. his teaching and actions challenged the churches claim for the right to control peoples conscious and personal faith and provide salvation . he soon aroused political and religious turmoil throughout the roman empire. something had to be done to resolve the crisis. Martin Luther was summoned to trial in 1521 he was accused of renewing the teachings of the empire and making the bible his final authoritative, he was surrounded by princes, nobles, church leaders and generals . he defended himself against the change of heresy he concluded himself with famous words. “Unless i am convinced by the testimony of scripture or by clear reason, i am bound by scriptures i have quoted and my conscience is captive to the word of God, i cannot and will not retract anything since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience, i cannot do other wise here i stand may god help me AMEN” Luthers message was clear conscience must answer to god alone salvation comes from freely by faith alone and the bible is the only source of spiritual authority, not church tradition on the decrees of its leaders.the church set out to secretly capture and kill him on the basis of heresy. he was saved by friends in hiding he translated the bible into the German language. He stated people should focus on Jesus Christ and his death on the cross when it comes to salvation and forgiveness Luther resumed leadership of the reformation his message held in the heart of common people, his actions and ideas make a major turning point in the western world. That people are saved not on position or wealth or how good you are, but how good Jesus is because he died for you, because God is love, because God loves you, salvation is a gift for the guilty not a reward for the righteous, people are not saved by there good works or by good things they do but by trusting in Jesus and what he has done.

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