Phone Calls to Bethel: Email and Contacts

For years now I have been getting emails and contact requests from individuals asking me to send Watchtower literature or to arrange for Bible studies. Most were trying to connect with local Jehovah’s Witnesses near their home but could not get any response from local Kingdom Halls. Some months I get a dozen or more of those kinds of emails.

Many complained that when they looked up the phone numbers for a nearby Kingdom Hall, the numbers didn’t work, the number didn’t have a message machine or voicemail, or if they did have voicemail – no one returned their calls.

I would respond to them and suggest that they go to, look up the Kingdom Hall in their area and get the contact information. I also suggested that they call Watchtower in New York and have them send literature and Bibles.

I find handling these inquiries to be awkward. I know that most ex-JWs would simply erase the messages or send a response back that said, “I’m not the Watchtower! Go to!”

On the other hand, I can see these misrouted requests as opportunities to do a little “anti-Witnessing” of my own. When I contact them, I ask why they would want to study the Bible with a cult like Jehovah’s Witnesses? After all, there are many excellent books about Bible history and Christian theology available in local libraries and dozens of recent books on the Bible and theology sitting on used bookshelves at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.

When I respond to these inquiries I try to take a balanced approach, hoping they will see the error of their ways and the dangers ahead. Hopefully, they will come to me for more (anti) JW information and facts.

Recently I got an email from someone who was upset, feeling that I had led him astray when I’d given him information about contacting the Watchtower earlier that week.

“You don’t even know what you are talking about. How am I supposed to contact Jehovah’s Witnesses when their email address doesn’t work, they won’t answer their phones and won’t respond to my mail? No one answers the phone at the Kingdom Hall near my home, so I called another Kingdom Hall and they would not help me. They told me that I would have to call or go to the Kingdom Hall in my area.”

I took the fellow’s phone number and called the Watchtower phone line. Unfortunately, it was after 2 PM my time on a Friday (I live in a Pacific Northwest state.) My next opportunity was the following Monday. When I did get someone at Bethel, their response was that the people I represented should call and arrange for someone to come to their home, not me as a third party.

Their reasoning was somewhat valid. JWs might be sent on a wild goose chase by pranksters or set up to be crime victims. While I agreed that seemed to be a reasonable policy, and yet JWs go knocking on strangers’ doors and try to get inside homes to preach.

“We are slowly moving away from that kind of preaching work,” I was told during one call to Watchtower. “We do more preaching by using literature carts and by making personal telephone calls.”

I decided to make some phone calls during New York area working hours and try to talk directly with some of the Watchtower’s support staff. I know that others have done this many times, but their predetermined agenda resulted in calls turning into embarrassing rants intended to engage someone at Watchtower in an argument.

A few days ago I made several attempts to contact Watchtower Support in New York. Several times I was transferred and the call was dropped. A few times I was told that no one was available and I should call back. One recent Friday – at 4 PM New York time – I was told that no one was available and that I should call back Monday.

In every case, the call was answered and forwarded in a professional manner. After the calls were transferred the quality level degenerated. It seemed that the Watchtower’s support staff was convinced that every call would be filled with a barrage of insults or would set up an argument.

I decided to make some calls, but I would be sure to remain professional at all times and speak in a calm, relaxed manner. I would not use the calls to argue religious doctrine but deal directly with technical issues I’ve detected only ask for reasonable resolutions. I would record and keep calls I felt were representative of my both my style and theirs. I would focus on legitimate problems with Watchtower policies or the website.

Here are two calls that I made during the week of February 15, 2015. I look forward to your comments. (Click on far left side of player bar to start program)

Call handled by Watchtower Computer / Technical Support:

Longer call handled by User Support Team Member:


Feel free to comment below. Be sure to share your own experiences dealing with Watchtower Support Services.



Phone Calls to Bethel: Email and Contacts — 45 Comments

  1. To John Hoyle,
    Thanks a lot for publishing this. I did not know that the cult was changing there teaching patterns. I have noticed a lot of jw’s with literature carts. I wonder why they are cutting back on their door-to-door activity?

    As for the, “Quality level degenerated of their customer service on their part,” you should have told them that you wanted to donate a large sum of money to them. You would have received the best customer service in the world.

  2. Thanks for your comment,Stephen. I really did not script either call, but I knew what I wanted to cover. I would think that the Watchtower would be embarrassed by the weak public relations that they have established. Theirs is all unidirectional. I’m sure that the sweet young woman trying to help me was maybe as confused as I was that the Email Us link didn’t work and that no comment areas are available or that many of the Kingdom Halls have no form of “customer service” established. While the Watchtower would lead you to believe that has established a new level of communication to the world, it is clear that if they won’t even answer their mail (certified or otherwise), then they really choose to remain behind a wall – and that wall is separating them from the very people they are trying to convert. For me that is really a good thing. They want to be all modern and have the #1 position on Google search, have fancy streaming TV shows, and downloadable literature. At the same time they really won’t respond to mail, engage callers to their support lines, or answer questions that might be a bit embarrassing. They should be embarrassed.

  3. You can’t get any more instructional as you were with the kindness and patience and in such a nice tone.
    I hope it becomes obvious to her they avoid all realities.

  4. Please have your poeple stop puting your watch tower books in my mail box i didnt ask for them please email me and i send address where somone is oping my mail box and delivering these magazine in my mail box its a federal affence and your not to be oping othere people mail boxes please contact my email address at once thank you.

  5. I am no longer a member i was one when younger i got baptize but when i was living in new york i was living on my own times was hard i lived with a member but they didnt treat me write so i moved down south i love god i know there is wrong in all religions but i feel like a religion that is strict on the bible should practice what they preach but i know in the end god will divide the sheep from the goats i still believe in god i read the bible and other books i do research but in the end we will all see thank you my mom told me to write you she us a member love you all

  6. Do not appreciate you sticking your papers through my door. In fact I DO NOT
    appreciate anyone leaving garbage on my property!
    You need to realize that if I was even remotely interested in what your doorbell
    rings have to say or want your pamphlet (garbage) I would seek you out. and
    maybe others feel that way too.

    • We’d appreciate it immensely if you would read the article first before making a stupid comment like that. Write the Watchtower headquarters – not us.

      • You know what hurts me is the shunning and calling people apostates cause they are scared of you guys anymore. Founders are .as one and governing body wearing a 33rd Masonic ring. Like really kids killing themselves because of shunning. Way I see Abba don’t shun. You should yours first. Then the child molestation. Lying to the Congregations. I just feel that if Satan started it obviously then how is Abba a part of it. He’s not. Abba is love and just not 2 witness rule then pay you off then let the molester go to the next congregation to repeat it. Why can’t we interact with the Governing Body they act like they God.

  7. Their not use to answering questions only telling people what their suppose to do. I thought you were really polite, at no time were you disrespectful like some sites who got one of the Governing Body members were. That blew everything for reputable people like you, now there is no way the Governing Body will ever take a direct phone call from someone with honest and reasonable questions.

    One thing everyone needs to remember is the Organization is not humble, they never have been and never claimed to be humble like Jesus Christ and his lesson of washing the Twelve Apostles feet(John 13:1-17), Jesus followed the example set out in the Old Testament(Micah 6:8),(Prov 16:9), (Ex 10:3) the last quote was Moses blasting Pharaoh’s arrogance! We all learned something new, the Preaching Work going door-to-door has finished its course, now the Great Tribulation and “Message of Doom” is coming!

  8. Its true theirs email link doesn’t work. It true most answering machines for the halls are out dated giving wrong hours and dates of opening. No one picks up. I wanted to know how to get the watchtower mailed directly to my friend in prison.

  9. Wow I am listening to the conversation and that is horrible customer service. Every thing this gentleman is saying is absolutely true. The only way to send the site feedback is by writing a letter to N.Y. I give it to the JW for teaching me Jehovah’s name because nobody else was preaching and telling people important facts of the bible the way they did, but I ask Jehovah everyday if that’s where I belong I trust I will attend the meetings, but things just arnt adding up lately.

  10. I’m very disappointed with your organization I was a member for 23 years and I suffered with lots of emotional abuse from your organization,I was bullied pushed around in your congregation. I told my parents about it and they saw some of it going on and they went to talk to the elders they just brushed it off. So we went to another congregation and the same thing happen again I’ve been in therapy because of the emotional strain that this organization put me through. as much as I love my Heavenly Father Jehovah I think it’s best that I do not expose my children to what you call the true religion. so I’m doing with the song says in the song for making the truth my own by teaching my children at home and not exposing them to your congregation.

    • Replace the word ‘bullied’ with the words ‘treated different’ and you will start addressing the problem. When you move from one congregation to another and every congregation you go you are treated differently,it really mean something is not right. It is obvious that you are the only one being treated differently in the congregations you go. When I joined the truth,I was in a serious mental depression.Major depression.Socializing was a nightmare.The simple act of sustaining a conversion with someone was pure torture. There were brothers and sisters who treated me unfairly once in a while, and it pained me immensely.However, I knew that the problem was not me,and the problem was not other members of the congregation. The problem was my sickness that made other people’s personalities clash with my personality.I did not hate other people or regard them as bullies.I hated my depression and sought ways to treat it. I took the issue with Jehovah and relied heavily on him. I sought medical help and slowly the problem started easing up. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not perfect human beings, and God knows that. You become acceptable to God, not from being perfectly righteous,but by making continuous and sincere effort to conform to his righteous standards as laid out in his word the bible, and by clinging to him for he is our life, and the length of our days.De30:20

  11. I have requested several times that your personnel stop leaving your Watch Tower publication on my fence property. This is the last contact I will make for this request and if any other literature is left on my property, I will seek assistance from the Texas, Bell County Sheriff’s office. I have no interest in your organization, your publications only serve as more trash that I have to dispose of. My property is located at XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX Texas. Thanks

    • George – Did you even read the article??? You want to stop the JWs from coming to your door, write them – not us. And even beyond that, you can call the Sheriff and complain all you want and that will not stop the Jehovah’s Witnesses from coming to your door. They have a constitutional right to preach their message – even though you and I agree it is misguided. That has been the case since the 1930s. I’ve removed your address from your comment for both your own safety and because it is against our policy to publish private addresses. I suggest that if you do not want them to come to your door, go visit your local Kingdom Hall and give them a written notice to exclude your address from their preaching routes. Most Kingdom Halls will honor those requests – although by law they are not required to do so.

      • I live in a rural area and my house is 150 feet from the highway. I have no trespassing signs on my property and when they hang their watch tower papers, they are trespassing. My sign is there and that is all that is required in Texas. Don’t worry about keeping me safe, that’s a job I am fully qualified to do. I have tried to contact the local representative and they never answer the phone. I have gone by the local Kingdom Hall and have never been able to talk to anyone that has any authority to act on this. The only person I have been able to talk to was in Leander, Texas and they assured me that they would have it stopped, but that has not happened. These folks may be able to present their messages but they do not have any right to trespass. I appreciate you removing my email if you think that was necessary. I have looked at their brochures and the only information I can garner is with, I assume, the national headquarters in New York. I will hang a sign specific to these papers and I will take whatever action is necessary to stop it. Thanks for your reply.

  12. I do not wish to be rude so when someone knocks at my front door even though there is a sign saying ” PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK THIS DOOR ” I open it thinking it must be someone with a parcel for me . Only to find its a Jehovahs witness person again . I wish they would not bother me as i am not a religious person , its just that i dont want to be rude to them . PLEASE TELL THEM TO STOP COMING . I am sorry to have to do this but i did put a polite notice on my front door and they still knocked it .
    Many Thanks . I live in Rye Close , Eynesbury , St . Neots , Cambridgeshire , pe19 2rg . I am the only house they keep coming too .

  13. My comment my Mother. Janice Grainger. JW. Church member. In Gladstone Central Queensland. As no real understand of the bible. As tried to push me into suicide. Many times. Still to this day. And not a very nice person. Regards William Doughty.

  14. JW your a cult. And downer. No birthday, No Christmas. No blood. And cowardly cowardice of coward. You don,t defend Australia. You lie. And you suck. Regards William (Bill) Donald Doughty. Ps. You are part of the World. Pss. Get a haircut and get a real Job.

  15. I created concepts and exact methods of in way of verbal
    Fireless energy provided to domestic and industrial
    Paperless methods existence
    Reformed recycled reuses of materials
    It was non tokened paid for or rewarded yet as nobody wants to submit to financial greed and admit it came from me.
    But I wrote to say thanks as gods written in history on earth was confusing me but now I understand there is a god of heaven separate from your leaflet today. Thanks for that
    I got traits apon my actions put on me by my stepfather Geoff Stillman..he always mentioned devil ?

  16. I need a Bible study near by my town to be specific in SOLWEZI Zambia please help I really need it thank you God bless

  17. I was trying to listen to the HALL THIS MORNING BUT I WAS CUT OFF 5times. My mother and grandmom are wtote down as inactive and the have been BAPTIZED. For 30 years my mother and grandmom both have illnesses and cannot set long in the Kingdom Hall they have been on feild service they have done everything and because they really cannot make it they are considered inactive. I dont understand. They are true to JEHOVAH. And i have been trying to get another study but my ladt two was not the right people. They looked around my home and talked about it in the middle of a study i have been hoing to the hall since i was a little girl and it hurts that they won’t even come see about my mom there SISTER sje is ill and cannot even t stand straight we need help but its like no one cares. East Park is were we use to go and I feel like bad for them because unless JEHOVAH GOD said put them as inactive then i dont understand. Rosa Byrd and Carolina Jackson. Needs help.

  18. Brother David K rogers waterville maine pioneer hummingbirds house fund raisers gofundme is raising 75k to nuy a house next too the kingdom hall so he can walk there please help raise the money so he can get off section 8 poverty

  19. Please be aware that your street canvassing is triggering certain people who have been effected by the Islamic war by reminding them of the people who have died in this religious conflict. Sensitivity is necessary in such circumstances. People are grieving. I am not judging. Your intentions were of love, I understand that. I don’t think you realised the impact you’ve been having.

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,
    How is your life.

    I am Robert Kulaba, a Ugandan living in Buyoka village and I Completed my Senior Six last year. I am the first in my family to attend college.

    Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges, but has also helped me realize the value of a college education.

    I have just begun my undergraduate career as a freshman at Kampala University, My plans at this stage are to complete a major in Computer Science. Kampala University offers one of the finest programs in the country and I consider myself fortunate to be able to attend.

    Working as a volunteer in my community throughout my high school career, My educational pursuits would not be possible without Help I will not be able to Study hence I Need your Support.

    Patiently, your reply in this range of time is of more Value to me.

    Thank you.
    Robert Kulaba.

  21. Hello I gave some Jehovahs witnesses my address and phone number for a bible study in Finchley London N3 ballards lane and they haven’t got back to me I’m disappointed if even the Jehovah witnesses have shunned me

  22. Personally I feel she was barely listening to you much less taking notes. And if she was the moment you stated you used to be a JW she more than likely stopped and threw the notes in the trash. Bottom line is the do not want to talk with someone about the Bible unless they are absolutely sure that the person can be indoctrinated.

  23. 19th March 2018

    Jehovah’s Witnesses
    P.M.B 1090,
    Benin City 300001,
    Edo State.

    Dear Sir,


    We refer to your Assembly at No. 5, Adeyele Street, Iju Ishaga, Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government, Lagos State, the family of AJIBODE OGUNTADE wtites to inform you about the decision of the family to carry out ratification on all our landed properties.

    Kindly arrange with your Local Assembly at the above address to get in touch with the AJIBODE OGUNTADE Family as we are demanding for a non-negotiable amount of N1m (One million naira only) as ratification for land where4 your assembly is situated.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Yours faithfully,

  24. I find it intetesting how hard it is to contact you. You must know your doctrine is off. Just want to say on jesus divinity that he is fully God and Fully man,thats right i said jesus is fully God. I would love to have an on going conversation with you if your man enough. Please let me know. Im tired of you non christians hideing from debate. Lets get it on if you want to talk doctrine.

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  26. Dear sir/Madam
    My name is Gulbaz shehzad and i am live in Athens (Greece) Dear sir/ madam i am interesting in your ideas please send me your email adress and contact number i want to join your orginazation
    Gulbaz shehzad

  27. Pls i will like to report ur Ppl o hmm i think Jehovah witness youth are suppose to show good example right but they are showing bad example. I’m having issues with one of ur member here o and i will like to ask questions

  28. Hi my name is elior my mom has stage 4 cancer new studies prove medical mariwan a can cure cancer is it still prohibited as a medicine usage if it’s engendered differently than the mariwana on the street and was made and grown for medicinal purposes just like pain meds contain cocaine in them amenethpinamin please answer urgently mom has short time to live your answer might save her life

  29. For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Jesus is God according to this. Pls pass forward to ALL leaders because if they falsely teach, God will judge them (and you.) Makes sense to me…what do you think?

  30. Summary for who is Jehovah, Before Satan and Jehovah fought in heaven, whose name of Satan in heaven archangel Lucifer, and Jehovah’s name in heaven archangel Michael, There were a fight between Lucifer and Michael read Revelation 12:7-9, Archangel Lucifer were thrown away with his angels to earth by archangel Michael.
    Archangel Michael is the angel of the burning bush who spoke to Moses read Exodus 3:2 He is also the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob read Exodus 3:2-6 Archangel Michael in his name Jesus Christ spoke to people who he was more important than Abraham because he is the God of him read John 8:54-58
    To understand more about archangel Michael read Daniel 12:1, Daniel10:13, Jude1:9 and Exodus3:2
    Jehovah is Jesus Christ while he was the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
    Jesus Christ is the creator of the world people and everything’s read John1:3, Colossans 1:16, 1 Corinthians 8:6, John1:10
    Jehovah is archangel Michael in the old testament and he is Jesus Christ when Mary borned him

  31. I wish to get the email address of Jehovah Witnesses in Windhoek, Namibia, please, as their literature does not show any contact details?

  32. I called the local hall, and they have an answering machine, with a “direct” number on it, that is so old, it has since been assigned to another cell phone owner, who has nothing to do with them, and they have not even returned any phone calls when I have left my number! So yeah, they are more cloistered than a Catholic Nunery!!

  33. bonjour mes frere,j ai des grave probleme que je n arrive pas a resoudre, depuit2014 je vous ai envoiyer plusier de mes lettre intituler AU MEMBRE DU COLLEGE CENTRAL,mais jusqu a maintenant sans rempose.que puis faire pour que cette document arrive a vous?car le proble persiste. merçi

  34. would you be kind enough to send me ‘my book of bible stories’ ? my address is strevelsweg 84B, 3075AM, rotterdam, netherlands

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