Going to the Watchtower Study

Enjoy another fun video by Bro. K. Hall. This particular episode is about sitting through a Watchtower Study. The Society has been stressing that the Watchtower Study is the real reason for JWs to attend the Sunday meeting. Few (if any) of “the public” ever wander through Kingdom Hall doors to listen to what amounts to a JW “sermonette.” Until a few years ago there was also a welcomed break between the public talk and the Watchtower Study. The Society eliminated that anticipated pause because so many JWs would sneak away between meetings. Likewise, many would also use the break to sneak in if they were late – or simply did not want to sit through another boring talk. The semi-secret study edition of the Watchtower is specially designed for use by baptized Witnesses, their families, and unbaptized “interested persons,” at least those who seem to be progressing toward baptism.

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There’s Never Any Pony!

Introducing Terry Walstrom, an accomplished commentator on the current state of affairs within the Jehovah’s Witness religion. This adaptation of one of his recent forum posts highlights the often unfortunate reality of listening to, and believing in, what the Watchtower organization teaches and promotes. Terry spent 20 years as an active Jehovah’s Witness, but ultimately found his years of dedicated effort and hopes for a better future totally fruitless. Read his interesting take on what it’s like for an ex-Witness to meet face to face with a current member.

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Corn-pone Opinions

Editor’s Notes: I’m pleased to introduce an old friend, Richard E. Kelly, as another regular contributor to InsidetheWatchtower.com. Dick actually wrote this particular article over two years ago for another website that I was managing. I’ve asked him to allow me to republish it here – not because it was originally directed at Jehovah’s Witnesses – but rather because it so clearly demonstrates their attitude about what and how they preach. Mark Twain had a unique talent for pointing out the hypocrisies and foibles of the people of his time. But like more recent humorists Will Rogers and George Carlin, his well-crafted prose was able to expose truth in a clear and palatable way for his readers. Over fifty years ago, my grandfather shared some words of wisdom that are as relevant today as they were when I first heard them. And they were, “Dickie, you’ve got to read and … Continue reading