Stephen Lett: Being Dumped from the Governing Body?

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is made up of seven members. An eighth, Guy Pierce, died in 2014 and has not been replaced as of March, 2015. One of the more prominent men of the current body is Stephen Lett, 65, a member since 1999. Since 2009, the Watchtower has assigned all “spiritual responsibilities” and any clarification on doctrinal issues to the Governing Body. In 2012, the Governing Body was identified as the “faithful and discreet slave” that reports directly to Jehovah for spiritual matters. While this change offended many of the other members of the “anointed” class (then numbering around 10,000), the “new light” was soon accepted by a majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has become the current belief and policy that the dissemination of “new spiritual light” is the responsibility of only “a limited number” of the “slave class.” Some Jehovah’s Witnesses are wondering if these seven men … Continue reading

A Sinister Start for the Governing Body

When the idea of a governing body was first proposed to Knorr and Franz, they protested. It meant the “Governing Body” – and not the president – would have control of the Organization’s doctrines and policies. Although he and Franz were powerless to stop the change, Knorr insisted that more hardcore members be appointed. Seven of Knorr’s “yes men” were called in to Bethel from outside assignments and asked to serve on the new Governing Body…

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Watchtower Puzzle: Spirit-Directed vs Inspired

Scan your Bible and you probably won’t find the term spirit-directed. I searched for that term online and could not find a dictionary that defines it. That’s puzzling in view of the fact that Watchtower publications have used it 33 times. I’ve also been mulling over the question about spirit-direction and inspiration as defined by those publications and I’m not certain that I understand a few other puzzles that seem to crop up. Maybe you can help. Let’s first establish some Watchtower-defined principles to set the groundwork, examining what they’ve told the flock. You’ll see that the following is supported within pages of The Watchtower: Its organization is spirit-directed1 and, in fact, is the only such one on this earth.2 Jehovah’s visible organization is under the control of a governing body3 (currently 7 men). Their governing body is spirit-directed.4 This governing body approves what is written and published.5 The organization is … Continue reading