A Testimony of Faith

My brothers and I soon found that our lives were totally changed from what we knew before. I was forced against my will to become part of my parents’ new religion, and was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness at the age of 13. Being Jehovah’s Witness children meant that we were being completely separated from our usual friends and school activities. My brothers and I were totally blind-sided by these changes. We’d have no more worldly friends, no sports, no holidays, no standing for the Pledge of Allegiance of the Flag. Life – as we knew it – was over.

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Why Young People are Leaving

It’s not hard to figure out why so many JW children are conditioned from an early age to associate drudgery with the meetings and assemblies. There isn’t anything designed or built into the programs that work with the attention spans of young children. Other churches offer separate classes, services, or groups for children compatible with their maturity level and get them acclimated to going to church. The Watchtower stubbornly sticks to a “one size fits all” approach for everyone. How many schools group preschoolers, high school students, and graduate students into the same classroom?

By the time many young JWs reach their teens, not only have they been conditioned to associate worshipping Jehovah with great displeasure, but they still don’t have any groups or programs tailored to their age group or to meet their needs. This has to be a huge factor in the turnover of young people leaving the organization.

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The Watchtower, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Education

This is the second part of Mad Sweeney’s articles on JWs and education. A young person contemplating college in the mid-1960s when the Watchtower published this article in the Awake! would be in his 60s now. Imagine the many thousands of people whose thoughts and emotions were manipulated and indoctrinated by this propaganda,and then fearfully avoided education as something “dangerous and detrimental.” How many of these young Jehovah’s Witnesses actually followed the Society’s advice? Far too many to count, we’re afraid. Where are they now? What are they doing? How are they faring financially?
Sweeney quotes directly from the Watchtower’s own publications to make his point. Hear the Society’s own representatives explain their illogical and damaging policy.

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J’accusé – Editor called a “liar”

This website hadn’t even been formally announced when I got the following contact message (August 2, 2011): “Mr. Editor – You are a liar. There I said it, and I won’t take it back. You don’t even identify your self [sic] (everyone else seems to!), so I guess that lets [sic] you tell lies about Jehovah and think you can get away with it. You know why your [sic] a liar? Because this is what you said – “In the 1970s, Jehovah’s Witnesses continued to promote and encourage their abusive ideas of “tough love.” I clearly remember my little brother taking many a trip down the aisle to the Kingdom Hall bathroom (or outside to the parking lot) for a spanking. Even in this day and age where spanking your child can get you arrested in some jurisdictions, there are still locations in many Kingdom Halls that have been set … Continue reading