Phone Calls to Bethel: Email and Contacts

For years now I have been getting emails and contact requests from individuals asking me to send Watchtower literature or to arrange for Bible studies. Most were trying to connect with local Jehovah’s Witnesses near their home but could not get any response from local Kingdom Halls. Some months I get a dozen or more of those kinds of emails. Many complained that when they looked up the phone numbers for a nearby Kingdom Hall, the numbers didn’t work, the number didn’t have a message machine or voicemail, or if they did have voicemail – no one returned their calls.

Why I Left Jehovah’s Witnesses – Part 2

One of the major concerns I had was with the belief that Jesus Christ’s invisible presence began in the year 1914. The Bible says nothing about being able to determine an exact year for such an event by means of calculating “seven Gentile times.” Jesus mentions “the appointed times of the nations” – but nowhere does he say that there are seven of them, or that the “prophetic rule” of “a day for a year” should be assigned to them so that they last 2,520 years. .

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Why I Left Jehovah’s Witnesses – Part 1

I did not leave because I thought I was smarter than everyone else or the Watchtower Society. Nor did I believe that my ways and thoughts were better than God’s. Intelligence, or any lack thereof, had nothing to do with my decision. The truth is, it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to examine a matter based on verifiable evidence, and then arrive at a sound conclusion. It’s a fact that most people do this every day. While no one is infallible, we all tend to make good, healthy decisions based on evidence

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Attending My Father’s Funeral

When my father was diagnosed with cancer and it was clear he would die, I greatly feared having to attend his funeral. I knew what to expect from the discourse and how irritated it would make me. Even more difficult would be the shunning I would receive. I would be going back to the congregation I was raised in, but this time I would be considered “a notorious apostate.” I had read many experiences about the mistreatment of former Witnesses at funerals and how they were shunned or excluded from the proceedings.

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