“Inside” Back Online – February 2015 Update

My sincere apologies to all loyal readers of Inside the Watchtower for the extended delay in getting this particular website updated With so many other projects going on in my life at the moment, I’ve been forced to let this website drop off my “active list” for several months. My group of over twenty websites, both new and upgraded, have been poked, prodded and mostly advanced forward. Unfortunately, during the past twenty-four months some sites were given priority and have had more or less my attention. Others, like this site, were moved to the bottom of my list. These are some of the websites that I have been re-creating or “remodeling” over the past few months: … Continue reading

Back Online, But…

Please accept my apology for the condition of InsidetheWatchtower.com. I’ve been doing some updating and redesign work to make the site even easier to read and to keep updated. So please bear with me as the site will still look a little funky for a couple more weeks. The site is fully functional, but you’ll notice that many of the graphics and photos have been unlinked. They will all be restored soon. I’ll be repairing our more recent and popular articles first. … Continue reading

Introducing Our Artist

This site has received some nice compliments and a few questions about its header graphics and contributors’ caricatures that we’ve used on this site. They are the work of Mike Patrick, a very talented young artist living in north central Oregon.

Mike is not a Jehovah’s Witness and never has been, but has been acquainted with a few in his past. Working along with me on this project he understands the purpose and theme of this website. He’s not a warrior for the cause, only a non-combatant contractor.

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Introducing “InsidetheWatchtower.com”

Effective August 1, 2011 this new non-profit and non-sectarian website is online and freely available to anyone who has an interest in or cares about Jehovah’s Witnesses: InsidetheWatchtower.com The Watchtower Society traces its roots back to the mid-19th and early-20th century International Bible Students, led by the charismatic prophet and founder, Charles Taze Russell. Between 1916 and 1942, the Watchtower was redefined, reorganized, its followers renamed, and its teachings revised by Russell’s successor, “Judge” Joseph F. Rutherford. There are dozens of websites dedicated to discussions and debates about the Watchtower’s history, its peculiar religious teachings, and its unique brand of “theocracy.” On the other hand, this site intends to take a different approach to the subject by looking at Jehovah’s Witnesses from the “inside,” rather than criticizing them from the point of view of outsiders. Some websites are very supportive and lavish in their praise of the Witnesses, while others … Continue reading