Watchtower Puzzle: Spirit-Directed vs Inspired

Scan your Bible and you probably won’t find the term spirit-directed. I searched for that term online and could not find a dictionary that defines it. That’s puzzling in view of the fact that Watchtower publications have used it 33 times. I’ve also been mulling over the question about spirit-direction and inspiration as defined by those publications and I’m not certain that I understand a few other puzzles that seem to crop up. Maybe you can help. Let’s first establish some Watchtower-defined principles to set the groundwork, examining what they’ve told the flock. You’ll see that the following is supported within pages of The Watchtower: Its organization is spirit-directed1 and, in fact, is the only such one on this earth.2 Jehovah’s visible organization is under the control of a governing body3 (currently 7 men). Their governing body is spirit-directed.4 This governing body approves what is written and published.5 The organization is … Continue reading