Corn-pone Opinions

Editor’s Notes: I’m pleased to introduce an old friend, Richard E. Kelly, as another regular contributor to Dick actually wrote this particular article over two years ago for another website that I was managing. I’ve asked him to allow me to republish it here – not because it was originally directed at Jehovah’s Witnesses – but rather because it so clearly demonstrates their attitude about what and how they preach. Mark Twain had a unique talent for pointing out the hypocrisies and foibles of the people of his time. But like more recent humorists Will Rogers and George Carlin, his well-crafted prose was able to expose truth in a clear and palatable way for his readers. Over fifty years ago, my grandfather shared some words of wisdom that are as relevant today as they were when I first heard them. And they were, “Dickie, you’ve got to read and … Continue reading

J’accusé – Editor called a “liar”

This website hadn’t even been formally announced when I got the following contact message (August 2, 2011): “Mr. Editor – You are a liar. There I said it, and I won’t take it back. You don’t even identify your self [sic] (everyone else seems to!), so I guess that lets [sic] you tell lies about Jehovah and think you can get away with it. You know why your [sic] a liar? Because this is what you said – “In the 1970s, Jehovah’s Witnesses continued to promote and encourage their abusive ideas of “tough love.” I clearly remember my little brother taking many a trip down the aisle to the Kingdom Hall bathroom (or outside to the parking lot) for a spanking. Even in this day and age where spanking your child can get you arrested in some jurisdictions, there are still locations in many Kingdom Halls that have been set … Continue reading

The Garden of Eden

Editor’s Note: Gordon Smith (AKA Douglas Lee) is a UK based writer and online critic of the Watchtower Society.  Unlike many of his peers, Gordon tries to mine whatever humor can be found in the lives and beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In the video below, Gordon takes a close look at the events as reported in the Holy Bible about mankind’s earliest beginnings. The fact is that most mainline Christian religions have relegated the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah’s Flood to nothing more than simple Sunday school fare for children. Jehovah’s Witnesses, however, still believe and preach that the Genesis accounts of “Creation” should be considered historically accurate and truthful. In fact, if the Watchtower’s teachings of Creation and Original Sin were ever modernized to agree with natural history and science, most of their other teachings would collapse.  So, is the story of Adam, Eve … Continue reading

Introducing “”

Effective August 1, 2011 this new non-profit and non-sectarian website is online and freely available to anyone who has an interest in or cares about Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Watchtower Society traces its roots back to the mid-19th and early-20th century International Bible Students, led by the charismatic prophet and founder, Charles Taze Russell. Between 1916 and 1942, the Watchtower was redefined, reorganized, its followers renamed, and its teachings revised by Russell’s successor, “Judge” Joseph F. Rutherford. There are dozens of websites dedicated to discussions and debates about the Watchtower’s history, its peculiar religious teachings, and its unique brand of “theocracy.” On the other hand, this site intends to take a different approach to the subject by looking at Jehovah’s Witnesses from the “inside,” rather than criticizing them from the point of view of outsiders. Some websites are very supportive and lavish in their praise of the Witnesses, while others … Continue reading