Going to the Watchtower Study

Enjoy another fun video by Bro. K. Hall. This particular episode is about sitting through a Watchtower Study. The Society has been stressing that the Watchtower Study is the real reason for JWs to attend the Sunday meeting. Few (if any) of “the public” ever wander through Kingdom Hall doors to listen to what amounts to a JW “sermonette.” Until a few years ago there was also a welcomed break between the public talk and the Watchtower Study. The Society eliminated that anticipated pause because so many JWs would sneak away between meetings. Likewise, many would also use the break to sneak in if they were late – or simply did not want to sit through another boring talk. The semi-secret study edition of the Watchtower is specially designed for use by baptized Witnesses, their families, and unbaptized “interested persons,” at least those who seem to be progressing toward baptism.

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Introducing Our Artist

This site has received some nice compliments and a few questions about its header graphics and contributors’ caricatures that we’ve used on this site. They are the work of Mike Patrick, a very talented young artist living in north central Oregon.

Mike is not a Jehovah’s Witness and never has been, but has been acquainted with a few in his past. Working along with me on this project he understands the purpose and theme of this website. He’s not a warrior for the cause, only a non-combatant contractor.

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Going to the Public Talk

Unfortunately, “Public Talks” do not really live up to their name. Very few, if any, strangers or neighbors will just walk in and attend a meeting. Except for a few special occasions, Jehovah’s Witnesses rarely pass out handbills for these 30-minute time wasters. Infrequently there will be a special “public talk” advertised  (as happened in 2011 after the April 17th Memorial Celebration), but these “public talks” are still directed to the brothers – not to non-Witnesses. In fact, if strangers happen to walk into a Kingdom Hall just out of curiosity to sit and listen, the odds are high that the brothers will look at them suspiciously as potential “troublemakers” or “apostates.” Most assuredly, someone (probably an elder) will greet them and then stay close to them throughout the entire session – just in case…

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Crisis of Conscience – review

By The Editor First written in 1983, and then updated in 1992, 1999, and 2002, Raymond Franz’s Crisis of Conscience has become THE CLASSIC Jehovah’s Witness autobiography. Ray was the nephew of the Watchtower Society’s chief Bible translator, ghost writer, and prophet, Frederick Franz. Ray was (along with his uncle) an original member of the reconstituted and re-purposed Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Crisis of Conscience was first released in 1983, just three years after Ray Franz found himself on the Watchtower Society’s very short “hit list” – and after he was declared to be an “apostate” and “trouble-maker.” When he voluntarily took a leave of absence from his assignment and left his residence at the Society’s Brooklyn Bethel complex, his peers put him on trial in abstentia in what was essentially a “kangaroo court.” Those “holy men” declared Ray “guilty” and later announced that he’d been “disfellowshipped as one … Continue reading