“Inside” Back Online – February 2015 Update

My sincere apologies to all loyal readers of Inside the Watchtower for the extended delay in getting this particular website updated

With so many other projects going on in my life at the moment, I’ve been forced to let this website drop off my “active list” for several months. My group of over twenty websites, both new and upgraded, have been poked, prodded and mostly advanced forward. Unfortunately, during the past twenty-four months some sites were given priority and have had more or less my attention. Others, like this site, were moved to the bottom of my list.

These are some of the websites that I have been re-creating or “remodeling” over the past few months:

Watchtower DocumentsI’ve been working almost daily on a complete update and redesign of Barbara Anderson’s WatchtowerDocuments.com (and .org). Barbara’s site has been my priority for nearly two years and will continue to require my full attention for the next few weeks. For me, it has truly been an honor to work so closely with Mrs. Anderson over the past few months. Barbara and I have some big plans for her site with lots of new features, videos, and a simplified search and indexing system. Should be officially online by March 1, 2015 but you can visit it now as it is fully functional and accessible. WATCHTOWERDOCUMENTS.COM

AAWA Home PageMy association with AAWA is not secret and I am proud to be a very active member on their board of advisors. I like to describe myself as “the Mechanic” within the advisory board, although I do offer my opinions and recommendations. AAWA has reached out and offered help to other Jehovah’s Witness discussion websites as our time and resources have allowed. Those projects have become mine – including AAWA’s major upgrades and revisions to the website in the next few months. AAWA is announcing a major new feature that will expose one of the Watchtower’s worst-kept and most embarrassing secrets on February 23. AAWA.CO

AJWRB.org homepage“Lee Elder,” one of the primary spokesmen fronting the ex-JW “blood” movement, asked AAWA for help with his website at AJWRB.org. The site had been transferred and managed by several others for several years (Randy Watters at Freeminds, among others) and had been buried as an extension to file systems hidden behind other ex-JW websites and servers. Early in 2014, AJWRB.org was resurrected and I was given the privilege of helping in the redesign and reinstallation. Another major project that took up much of my time, but thanks to Lee Elder is mostly running on its own now. AJWRB.ORG

Watchtower ObserverKent Steinhaug has been a major thorn in the Watchtower’s butt for many years. His website, Watchtower Observer, found news articles, TV reports and documentaries critical or embarrassing to Watchtower and published them for the world to read. Kent found that being a critic of a cultish religion can be dangerous and potentially costly. Long buried in the electronic archives of a major newspaper publisher, Kent’s site is back online and has been given new life. Converting the electronic files is complex and time-consuming, but the site lives again and continues to be updated. WATCHTOWEROBSERVER.ORG.

JW ReportThere are many other projects on my plate at the moment, but fortunately some of them are being managed by volunteers or have owners who are patiently waiting for me to clear my schedule and finally focus on their needs. One of my favorites is JWReport, barely a year old, but already very active and a fan favorite. It jumps on every news release, YouTube documentary, or report of a scandal involving the Watchtower or Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Susannah” has helped out by taking over the reporting and editing duties – doing a remarkable job in her spare time. Be sure to check it out. JWREPORT.COM

So all of that and dozens of other projects have kept me very busy. I’ll share all of that with you and some of the horror stories that go along with them, in one of my future posts. I’ll try to stay current from now on.

Please note that all of the older articles are still active. Some still have broken graphics due to a past system update. They will be repaired a few each day. Just hang in there with me.

John Hoyle 


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