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“Inside the Watchtower” is dedicated to promote intellectual honesty, freedom of expression, and human rights for everyone – including Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our intent is to expose the facts about high control religious groups who enslave their adherents with unsupported claims of acquired power from some “higher authority.”

"The Truth Shall Make You Free" book cover

“The Truth Shall Make You Free” book cover

Our goal is to expose the facts, uncover hidden history, and comment on current affairs in an honest and sincere effort to educate the public about what life is like for Jehovah’s Witnesses. We also want to make available documentary resources and online support to anyone who is considering joining the Watchtower’s religious organization.

The Editor welcomes contributed articles, testimonials, and documented research from anyone with a legitimate background or connection to Jehovah’s Witnesses. There will be no personal attacks on people or groups just because of their association with the Watchtower Society or Jehovah’s Witnesses. We’re all about education, support, and growth – not slander, derision, or unwarranted criticism.

Visitors should understand that our goals do include constructive and educational criticism of the Watchtower Society on many levels within certain guidelines. The Editor reserves the right to delete any comments, postings, or other communications that fall outside of those guidelines. At the same time we urge free expression from our visitors and contributors. What we really want is to open lines of communication that mirror the personalities and life experiences of all of our writers.

The Editor was a Jehovah’s Witness for several years and has remained connected to the religion in many ways. He has family members who have served faithfully for decades as publishers, pioneers, and overseers. He also has dozens of friends and acquaintances who have been Witnesses, and some who still are. He gets regular communication from dozens of  current and former Witnesses who want help, honest and loving brotherhood, and a way to escape the bonds that the Watchtower Society has placed on them. Some are even active overseers and ministerial servants.

If you wish to communicate with the Editor, feel free to do so. Any private communication will remain confidential and will later be deleted or destroyed. No personal information will be released or published about anyone lawfully communicating with the Editor without specific authorization from that individual.

Some contributors to this site choose to remain anonymous or will use pseudonyms, screen names, or assumed characteristics to hide their identity as a way to keep their privacy and personal safety. The Editor understands those concerns and fully supports their choice to not to reveal personal information.

Some readers, and even the leadership of the Watchtower Society, may criticize the use of faux identities or anonymity by some of our contributors. We feel that criticism is unwarranted and unfair. The Watchtower Society has published thousands of magazines, books, pamphlets and other materials that carry no byline, identified authorship, or biographical information – other than a standard copyright notice. Even their New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures was “translated,” written, and edited by anonymous members of a “translation committee.”

It is true that in the distant past, certain books and publications of the Watch Tower Society declared their authorship as being that of “Charles T. Russell,” “Joseph F. Rutherford,” or “Clayton Woodworth.”  That practice ended with the death of “Judge” J. F. Rutherford in 1942. You will find no books “authored” by Nathan H. Knorr or Frederick W. Franz. (Note: Many of Rutherford’s books and articles were known to be “ghost-written” by Clayton Woodworth, Frederick Franz, and other anonymous authors.) Since 1943 all Watchtower publications, public talk outlines, and internal documents have no declared author or signer – just a corporate graphic that looks like it was made by a worn out rubber stamp.

So offering a little anonymity for contributors who want it on this site is totally legitimate.

This web site does not promote any specific religious belief. It exists not to convert its readers to any particular dogma, creed, or organization, but only to provide information and resources to allow its readers to make those educated decisions for themselves.

This website espouses Christian ethics, but not any theology. We feel that the so-called “Golden Rule” should apply to all of us – no matter what our culture, ethnicity, or personal beliefs might be. Fair play and open debate are welcome here, but only the Editor “makes the rules.” You might describe our philosophy this way:

“You’re more than welcome to walk your dog in front of my home. I love dogs, especially nice dogs. I understand that he is a dog and might have to do his business on my lawn – because he is a dog and dogs do that. But please pick up your dog’s business and dispose of it in a sanitary way somewhere other than on my property. That would make me very happy. I promise to do the same when I walk my dog in front of your property.”

Or you could simply paraphrase Jesus and say, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We think that sums up everything very nicely.

Contact the Editor by email at editor@insidethewatchtower.com. You may also use the automated contact form on the Contact Us page. This website will soon announce the addition of email registration.

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