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Why I Left Jehovah’s Witnesses – Part 2


One of the major concerns I had was with the belief that Jesus Christ’s invisible presence began in the year 1914. The Bible says nothing about being able to determine an exact year for such an event by means of calculating “seven Gentile times.” Jesus mentions “the appointed times of the nations” – but nowhere does he say that there are seven of them, or that the “prophetic rule” of “a day for a year” should be assigned to them so that they last 2,520 years. .

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A Sinister Start for the Governing Body

Author Richard Kelly

When the idea of a governing body was first proposed to Knorr and Franz, they protested. It meant the “Governing Body” – and not the president – would have control of the Organization’s doctrines and policies. Although he and Franz were powerless to stop the change, Knorr insisted that more hardcore members be appointed. Seven of Knorr’s “yes men” were called in to Bethel from outside assignments and asked to serve on the new Governing Body…

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A Testimony of Faith


My brothers and I soon found that our lives were totally changed from what we knew before. I was forced against my will to become part of my parents’ new religion, and was baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness at the age of 13. Being Jehovah’s Witness children meant that we were being completely separated from our usual friends and school activities. My brothers and I were totally blind-sided by these changes. We’d have no more worldly friends, no sports, no holidays, no standing for the Pledge of Allegiance of the Flag. Life – as we knew it – was over.

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